Wednesday, 9 May 2012

All London Recipes

With this issue of the Allrecipes Measuring Cup Report, we look backwards to review the year just past, as well as ahead, and share insights about consumer food trends and purchases. How are technology and an increased use of online resources affecting consumer shopping and cooking behaviors? What’s emerging now to set the tone and mood in London kitchens? What global changes and flavors are affecting how consumers shop, cook, and eat?
From specialty food stores to farmers’ markets, from the resurgence of pie baking to “speed scratch” cooking, and mobile, mobile everywhere, along with nifty small kitchen tools and appliances such as the microplane grater and Panini grill, plus more entertaining at home, read through Allrecipes’ annual report to learn what sizzled in 2010 and what’s likely to stick around to add spice and sparkle to 2011. We’ve identified 11 consumer trends destined to set the tone of the next 12 months in the grocery store, the kitchen, and around the dining table. The report was co-authored by and Robin Avni, consumer insight and lifestyle trends specialist.
London FoodEvery cook relies on their community of suppliers and sages to get their meals to the table. With new technolo- gies bringing support systems to everyone’s fingertips, a good portion of the queries, questions, and recipe sharing have gravitated online. In October 2010, 71 million cooks (1/3 of all internet users 18+ years of age) visited food sites, consuming 1.2 billion pages of content and creating a rich and diverse community resource.
As the #1 online food destination with more than 435 million annual visits, is uniquely positioned to recognize the attitudes, behaviors and trends influenc- ing the carts and kitchens of the American family. With a mix of members that span age, cooking level and region, Allrecipes’ active community offers key insights into the current and emerging trends among home cooks from coast-to-coast.
Here’s what we found to be the most compelling emerging trends in 2010:

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