Wednesday, 9 May 2012



Food trucks? Nope. Eating on the go? Nada. We’re talkin’ mobile apps for your appetizers, main course and dessert. Coupons, too. Mobile means in the kitchen, at the store, and everywhere in between. Growing across all age groups, the consumer is searching for recipes, checking competitive pricing and making grocery lists with the wave of a finger.
Phones are easily stored in apron pockets and laptops or tablets actually take up less coun- ter-top space than traditional cookbooks. The connected cook has more recipe options within easy reach as the mobile device is fast becoming one of the most coveted gadgets for the kitchen.

GOTTA HAVE A GADGET of gadgets, the desires are becoming smaller, literally. There is a major shift happening with the kitchen wish list from craving takeaway restaurant-style high-end stoves to other, more accessible, chef-like accoutrements. Meaning a microplane grater or mandoline is more than a fancy tool, it’s the beginning of a consumer’s creative cooking adventure. That cake-making set could be the start of a whole new career. Gender plays a role here, too. The most popular tool for men: the meat thermometer. The better to grrrrrill with! The favorite among women: colorful silicon spatula sets. Not only are they efficient, heat-resis- tant tools, they look pretty darn good, too.

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